Briks is on hiatus now, doing other cool things to keep the Internet a free, and open resource for everyone. If you are looking for browser customisations, I recommend anyone else on this list []. — Brian King


For a more complete list of Briks projects, see our collection on Mozilla Add-ons.

Stage 3 Systems / Seaspan

Stage 3 Systems develops and manages software systems for the maritime shipping industry. The main areas of work are in software for vessel agents focused on port call management, messaging, documentation and management reporting. There is also work with various shipowners and operators on shipboard data collection for reporting and performance monitoring purposes at sea and in port.

Seaspan Ship Management Ltd. ("SSML") primarily manages the operations of Seaspan Corporation, one of the largest independent containership owners in the world. SSML is located in Vancouver, BC, and has over 100 employees.

Briks is helping Stage 3 Systems develop a key part of their vessel reporting software build using Mozilla Firefox technology.

Stage 3 Systems | Seaspan Ship Management Ltd. ("SSML")


The HTML5 Extension for Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in is an add-on that enables Firefox users on Windows to play H.264-encoded videos on HTML5 pages by using the built-in capabilities found in Windows 7. It gives Firefox users more options for video not natively supported. Briks played an active role in the implementation of the extension.

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Briteclick is a free browser add-on that helps you find information faster and easier… without having to leave your page. Select text and instantly view tailored search results neatly organized in a sidebar so you can stay focused on what you're doing.

Briks helped Briteclick move forward their Firefox add-on strategy, by implementing new features, fixing bugs, and advising on best practices to make the best user experience in Mozilla's customisable browser.

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At, you'll find the best conversations led by women in social media. A curated selection of authentic voices. Life well said.

In association with Mozilla, Briks helped BlogHer implement a tool in the form of a Firefox toolbar for making it easier for users to discover new content on the site, send Chatter messages to the site, and share content on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mozilla Corporation

Mozilla logo

Mozilla is the organisation behind the groundbreaking Firefox web browser. Briks has collaborated on a number of projects with Mozilla. In order to get more users to switch to Firefox, and provide a better Web experience for users, Mozilla is developing a series of companion Add-ons. Briks developed one of these add-ons, the Firefox Companion for Kodak EasyShare Gallery (and sister non-branded version, Fotofox).

In addition, Briks has worked with the Mozilla Add-ons team to build two add-ons that provide integration between site services and Firefox. The Add-on Collector provides a way to manage and find favorite add-ons. Comment, share, and sync collections, all from your browser. The Add-on Compatibility Reporter helps Mozilla make sure your favorite add-ons get updated for upcoming Firefox releases by using the extension to report whether they still work or are having some issues with alpha and beta releases.

Mozilla | Fotofox | Add-on Collector | Add-on Compatibility Reporter


Facebook logo

The Facebook Toolbar for Firefox is a free extension for Firefox that lets you extend your Facebook experience into your everyday browsing.

Briks was brought on to the project to add more features to the toolbar and make it more robust. The initial high–impact feature is photo upload, another tool for users to easily and quickly get their photos online. Facebook has cemented itself as the number one user–generated photo sharing site on the

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KidZui logo

Feed your child’s curiosity and expand on their interests in a fun, engaging, and safe online environment with KidZui, the Internet for kids. KidZui is a free web browser that is stuffed with millions of kid-friendly games, websites and videos. Real parents and teachers approve content for KidZui so your kids can surf safely and independently.

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Zemanta logo

Zemanta is building a platform for assisted on-line content production for any web user. Their solution is best demonstrated by taking a text (a blog, an article or a web page) and feeding it into our system. The system recognizes the content and returns suggested images, smart links, keywords and relevant related stories from the Internet. The Zemanta extension for for Firefox and Thunderbird was developed in collaboration with Briks.

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spamcurb logo

SpamCurb is a Mail Service Provider (MSP) based in San Diego, California offering managed email services which exceed a 99% success rate for filtering spam without blocking welcomed email messages. Spamcurb wanted to integrate some of their services with Mozilla Thunderbird, so came to Briks to create a toolbar extension for whitelisting and blacklisting email addresses on messages that come in via their IMAP service.




Yapta logo

Yapta assures consumers get the most value out of their trip planning and pay the lowest possible price for airline tickets. Yapta tracks airfare price volatility and alerts consumers when the price of a specific flight decreases. Bringing to light pro-consumer guaranteed airfare rules offered by many airlines, the service helps air travelers obtain travel vouchers or cash refunds when the price decreases on tickets that have already been purchased. Yapta also enables travelers to keep all of their flight information in one place online. Yapta for Firefox, built by Briks, integrates tagging right into the browser experience.

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Wussap logo

Wussap takes web surfing to a new level by making it possible to surf together with others! With an innovative feature called Surf Train you can co-browse the Web together with others or chat with people who visit the same web site as you. Wussap makes web surfing social! Wussap is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Briks provided consultation in the areas of code design and implementation.


Reframe It

Reframe It logo

Reframe It is a web browser extension that creates a space for comments in the right hand margin beside any web page. In this space, you can read and write comments alongside news stories, campaign websites and anything online that interests you. Share your comments privately with only friends or colleagues or share them publicly for the world to see. Reframe It lets you read, discuss, and interpret the web with anyone you choose and lets you place the web in context.


replyforall is a new way to support causes in a simple, practical, and sustainable way. From about — “we all want to support our favorite causes, but don’t always have extra cash to give. however, we do have something very valuable - the relationships with the people who we email every day. replyforall recognizes the power of a broad base of supporters to both have an impact and attract sponsor revenue. so we take what we have and turn it into something we can do.”

Briks helped build a robust add-on for Firefox that integrates rightly with a number of Webmail solutions. It is and unobtrusive way to make your mails more interesting, and for a good cause as well.

Foundation for Environmental Research (FER)

FER logo

Foundation for Environmental Research (FER) is a public, non-profit organization dedicated to understanding and improving the Earth’s environment. With the environment, every little helps. FER had the great idea of reducing the number of pages used during a print job. As the browser becomes the workspace for many, what better place to do this than Mozilla Firefox. Briks worked on a paper saving extension for Firefox.

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qloud logo

Qloud is a service to enable people powered music search. It does more, letting you create playlists, watch video clips, buy music, and much more. Briks built an extension for the Songbird music player, allowing users to tag music, create their own playlists, and hook into the Qloud online music experience.

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