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View Source Choice

What’s this?

A Mozilla Firefox extension to give you a choice to view the page source in a variety of contexts, giving more flexibility to the built-in View Source window.


Version 1.0.1


Firefox 3.6 and above.


  • Handle View Source requests that come in through the view-source: protocol
  • Override of ‘View->Page Source’ (Ctrl/cmd+U), customisable in Settings
  • Turn extension on and off in Settings
  • Redirect View Source to current window, new tab, new window, or a custom view (left sidebar, right sidebar, bottom bar or top bar)
  • Adds item to browser content context menu
  • Switch source when switching tabs (custom views only)

Source Code

VSC source is available on github:

To Do

There are no set plans to add extra features, but here are a couple of possibilities. We're happy to hear feature requests (see Feedback secion below).

  • Load Source in external application. The ViewSourceWith extension has this functionality.
  • Add menu item to view selected source, and item to frame sub-menu to view frame source.


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