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What’s this?

A paper-saving software program capable of revolutionizing the way that documents are printed.


Version 0.5

NOTE : This add-on is currently in the Sandbox at Firefox Add-ons. You must log in and enable the sandbox in your profile in order to see the download page and get the add-on. Please leave a review to speed up the process of it becoming public.


Firefox 2.0 and above.


This software add-on will eliminate paper waste by analyzing documents as they are printed and altering a temporary copy of the document. This program will specifically address situations where the last page in a document has only, for example, a few lines of text, or worse, is blank or includes only content of insignificant value. In Firefox, the program will take steps including (a) the removal of menu items from the bottom of a web page; (b) the adjustment of the document's margins; and (c) minor document reduction.

Every time that a document is printed and paper is saved, the SmartPrint window pops up briefly, informing the user how many pieces of paper she or he had saved, as well as the number saved by SmartPrint users worldwide.

Getting Involved

This software was funded by the Foundation for Environmental Research and creatively implemented by Briks. Efforts to improve the functionality are welcome.

Source Code

SmartPrint source is available via anonymous subversion:

svn co


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