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  • Extensions

    Mozilla applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Nvu, and Songbird, have a rich system for add-on software in the form of the Extension Manager (EM). Using the EM for deployment of tools is a viable option for many. You can take advantage of a built-in UI, with such features as Install/Uninstall, Auto-Update, Options, and more. Briks has the skills to build your extensions and provide assistance with deployment.

  • Applications

    Mozilla is much more than a browser and email client. Mozilla technologies offer a powerful cross-platform Application Development Platform. For years now companies and organisations have been building software with Mozilla technologies. Have a look at the Hall of Fame for just a sampling of what has been done. At the heart of the Platform is XUL, the XML User Interface toolkit. XUL allows for quick prototyping, and when you want to delve further, you can take advantage of other technologies including XPCOM, the Gecko rendering engine, and Web Services. Read more about why you should use Mozilla.

  • Themes

    Separation of content, implementation and style is one of the core facets in Mozilla. Often an afterthought, style can provide powerful branding and user-guidance options. The core of the Mozilla style system is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Briks has many years experience writing CSS for extensions, applications, and Browser/Email Client themes. Go one step further and give your software that extra edge.

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