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Flickr Find

Did you ever need that perfect image for a presentation you were doing? Flickr Find makes it easy. Creative Commons images are returned by default, but you can search all via a change in Settings.


Basic Usage

  1. Select a word or a phrase on a web page.
  2. Cloose 'Search Flickr...' from the context menu.
  3. If the slidebar is closed, you will see the icon move. Click on it to see your results. If already open the results will just load there.
  4. 20 items per page is the default, and you can change that in Settings. At the buttom choose 'More...' to fetch more images.
  5. Selecting a new word or phrease will start a new set of image results. Selecting the same will just fetch more images and add them to the list.
  6. Clicking on one of the images in the slidebar will open the Flickr photo page in a new tab.


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